Tuesday, August 09, 2005

God vs. Darwin: no contest - The Boston Globe

God vs. Darwin: no contest - The Boston Globe highlights a very scary occurrence in today's political spectrum. Prez W thinks that 'intelligent design' should be taught in public classrooms so that children can "better understand the debate about the origins of the universe." Sure, sure, but this will not be the case in America's classrooms in too many towns and villages across the nation.

Because of the tornado sweeping across the political landscape, evolution and creationism have acquired left and right-wing adgendas, respectively. Forget the church and state separation. And forget that Jesus was a liberal (who was killed because he was such a liberal). What may happen, and I speculate this to be true after this year's cross country drive, is that this science-theory bashing will be used as political leverage towards brainwashing youngsters. Those who support the teachings of 'intelligent design' may in fact be leading thinkers in a right-wing direction in the belief that Republicans should have dominance over all factions of US life. I highly doubt both evolution and 'itelligent design' will be taught together in equal measure, thereby acheiving the moral goals of Prez W.

If both theories are taught, I would be amazed and pleased. I agree with Prez W that both sides of arguements should be taught so people can make their own decisions about what is best suited to thier beliefs. Too often, whatever Fox News says becomes "fact" and idiot theories and practices are accepted. Yet, I hold to my hypothesis that if the option for both scientific theories are to be taught, one will prevail over the other in the classroom via the teachers. Look at Kansas. I suppose its survival of the fittest.

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