Saturday, December 23, 2006

American Culture

I've started to research American culture again for some sculptures I want to make this coming summer. I'd like to make them sooner, but Columbia U probably would have something to say about that. I came across an interesting first hit with a Google search with Zompist's page on American Culture. The author of the page has organized American Culture into six general categories. These categories have been designated from Americans now living in other cultures/countries. Additionally, there are responses regarding American Culture from specific sources upon these six generalizations from other country representatives. Some are witty and actually fun to read.

Having lived in Belgium for 5 consecutive weeks a few months ago with Aussie roommates I can relate to many of these American generalizations. I am not sure if many Americans realize that many of these generalizations exist in that they do not think about them as cultural experiences or specifically American actions. Such as, "You've left a message at the beep." My Aussie roommate Justin always asked me why I left messages on his phone. "Is that an American thing, mate?"

Check these out. I'm sure I'll post a few more American Culture posts here.

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