Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bush Offers Broad Goals for Last 2 Years - New York Times

Bush Offers Broad Goals for Last 2 Years - New York Times

Yeah, so a lot of little snippets of sound bytes were given out tonight. I think the focus is shifting too far from issues that we have already started.

Focusing on African aid is necessary, but we spend $250 million a day on the Iraq war.

Healthcare programs are great, but the Bush administration is the one that began this privitization of Social Security and have made Medicaid impossible for people to be covered.

Focusing upon energy is great, but coal power is still fossil fuel oriented. Drilling for more domestic oil is negative in that it destroys very valuable ecosystems, especially now that the Amazon is being sold off in private bidding. Alternative energies are solar, wind, hydro and ocean tiding.

A citizen's brigade to get more help in a war that was not supposed to happen is not ideal. I would want nothing to do with it. Costs for such things were not mentioned.

The costs of the war, education, healthcare were not described, yet the national debt is to be reduced in 5 years. Yeah, while we spend $250 million a day. There goes the arts, education, healthcare, the environment and responsible industrial and commercial business.

But didn't we just say that we were focusing upon those things?

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