Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tour de France Winner's Team Will Disband

Tour de France Winner's Team Will Disband - New York Times

Sweet, just what we need. Well, this is showing more and more what I had thought about pro cycling. As the European peloton is disbanded, it leaves many very good riders out of a job. Thats great for American and Asian cycling, but bad for those aspiring pros and decent amateurs. However, its a lot more important that we keep the sport alive as best we can. I'm not really sure what "we" means here. I certainly don't have the capital to keep a pro team going, and those that do can probably invest their money in something a little more stable. Only having a grassroots element to cycling will only hinder the sport, development of product (read: quality) and the ability to keep kids into it. Shit, even competitive swimming is doing better than cycling right now.

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