Wednesday, January 19, 2005

So cold...

Its so cold that my fingers feel like frozen hot dogs.

I am beginnig to embrace my website as a forum for making art. The first two projects will be "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" and "Conversational Location Project". I want to have each page well underway by the time March comes for the new gklowlab publications.

5 o'clock is simple. I want to have someone from each timezone call me when it is 5 0'clock in their time zone. I will ask who they are, what they were doing before this time and where they are. As each caller comes in, I will log it at my site. I would like to have the list finished within a month.

Conversational Location Project stems from a conversation I had with my grandmother the other day. She believes the world is much too small now a days. I intend to find out just how small it is. I will go to Boston and try to locate either friends of mine from the past or suggested people. I will start in the "downtown" section of the city and find my person by asking people in the street if they have any insight as to where I should go. If I can find my persons then the world is small. If not, its still comfortably large enough to get lost in it.

5did Homepage

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