Thursday, January 20, 2005


Most of the choppy inaugural speech talked of spreading democracy around the world. If this means spreading ourselves out even further in the world and spreading American dumbshit policies, then we are all screwed. I listened to NPR this aftenoon and was horrified to hear Richard Land, "is president of the Southern Baptist Convention's Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. He and President Bush share the same evangelical faith." WTF. Please listen to this and tell me the world is not going to end. Religion and politics "finally" together. I think Jesus just rolled over in his grave.

I cannot understand conservative's appeal. They are nasty people, who take cheap shots at anything not in their favor. Brutally cynical and demeaning to others not in their self interests. Is this whe way to present ourselves to the world? As crass dumbasses that simply want to spread Jesus love and democracy everywhere?

Does being in Iraq cause more terrorists? Yes. If you came in and shot my dad, my first response wouldn't be, "You know, you were right and I just never knew it. I won't be mad or hold a grudge, and in fact I'll embrace your new way of life that I was raised to believe would send me straight ot hell. Thanks."

Is Social Security a fog? Yes. Presently the SS system will run out, but not for many years. When it was implemented, it was intended to be a bandaid, and the wound underneath might not yet be healed. But the issues that demand attention are the self createed issues in this country like the "war on terror" and losing jobs to China because of business practices. You cannot win a war on terror with an offensive front, as Southern Evangelists would like to believe. You cannot provide financial security for people if they cannot even get a job. The answers are not tarrifs, either. The answer is diplomacy, but thats too big of a word for many people. Maybe if dimplomacy gets integrated into American football, somehow the middle of the country will learn about this.

Education is another issue that aids in future financial security. Can you imagine how many new entrepeneurs would have been created if we spent all of our money on education and local programs for troubled youths? I guess I will have to stop being a sissy liberal and start being part of the red-neck adjenda in order for me to feel good about whats happening in this time.

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