Wednesday, August 24, 2005

World Trade Center Site Memorial Competition

Ok, so I googled my name and I found my entry for the WTC Memorial competition. No wonder I didn't win!! :) The images don't really show anything online so here's what I was thinking:

Four mounds buried into the four corners of the old footprints of the towers. The mounds were referencing Irish burial mounds from Galic times, I think. Inside each mound were some of the names of the people, and potentially images of them in happy times. In the center of each mound were resting areas for people.

In the middle of the each four mound section are reflecting pools in the shape of a clock. 6 feet out from the compass design were 12 individual rectangular pools.

I thought the place should be a minimal park, one that acknowledged the event, but did not turn it into a theme park. The process of constructing something like this should be minimal, and not require large earth movers to scour the land. But, they are already doing that, and there is already a big hole, so why fill it in when you can have a big underground area?

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