Monday, November 13, 2006

Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense - New York Times

Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense - New York Times

"[Start up companies goal's are] to add a layer of meaning on top of the existing Web that would make it less of a catalog and more of a guide — and even provide the foundation for systems that can reason in a human fashion. That level of artificial intelligence, with machines doing the thinking instead of simply following commands, has eluded researchers for more than half a century.

Referred to as Web 3.0, the effort is in its infancy, and the very idea has given rise to skeptics who have called it an unobtainable vision. But the underlying technologies are rapidly gaining adherents, at big companies like I.B.M. and Google as well as small ones. Their projects often center on simple, practical uses, from producing vacation recommendations to predicting the next hit song."

With the Long Tail economics now being so popularized, is business streaming away from a "hit driven" economy to one that is purely "niche" where even our internet is updating itself to accommodate our interests? In some senses, this AI is scary. Don't they watch Terminator movies? But, in another sense, the brink of a very new way of life is being realized with the acknowledgment of lifestyle changes due to niche markets and the demand to fill them.

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