Friday, November 10, 2006

Stylish cottage for Katrina country is a big hit.

Stylish cottage for Katrina country is a big hit

A $50,000 dream home that is 400sq ft. I've posted about this design a few times now, but what caught my attention was the price, size and the use of "niche" as the market. The first two terms are tempting dream-types of architecture students as a salvage for the "upper-lower class" or "lower middle class" group of citizens that always seem to get the short end of the stick. "Not poor enough" or "not rich enough" is a tough place to be. But, are these people a niche? And is this an architectural reference of the Long Tail? As the communication of what is desired and the technology of how to satisfy that desire become a more fluid dynamic, we might be living on the edge of the consumer demanding housing market. The developer driven markets for affordable housing could start to lose their potency, hopefully.

I know my housing project here at Columbia is directly targeting this approach, but I have not come across too many other approaches that are utilizing this type of development.

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