Monday, June 09, 2008

I'm sweating my balls off.

Is super F-ing hot. What happened? I'm moving to Alaska ASAP. Too bad there's no road racing up there.

This past week was the Philly Invitational Week. I've always wanted to do these races, so I was really happy to get to ride this year. I had really good form, but I think I used it up too quickly on both days. Allentown was the first day. I already did a race report about that. The second day was Reading. I didn't think it was that fast, either, but faster than the first. David Fuentes was covered very well this race, but he still won. WTF?!! I need to learn to ride with good form. I was aggressive as always and I just couldn't get a split to happen. I sat in, covered and sat on everything, but when I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING. With 3 to go Mike Chauner, Eliot Gaunt and I had a little gap of about 5 seconds. Turner Johnson bridged across with another guy and I thought we had it good. But, I think we were a little too popular and we were reeled back within a lap. The lead outs were better this race, but I burned my matches getting to the front early and so I had to settle for 19th. Bummer.

After the race they made us fill out an W-9. WTF?! I made $20. Now I get taxed on it? I should had gotten 21st so that I didn;t have to deal with it.

I watched the pro race afterwards and it was pretty awesome. I had three sets of the Dura Ace carbon wheels rented out in the race, so it was awesome to see the guys racing them at such an awesome event. Oscar Sevilla won by just riding everyone off his wheel. I guess hes on form. Remember my race report about Valery Kob riding me into the ground? He got dropped. Holy shit.

Ok, its getting dark and I have to bike up town to Inwood, my new home. Its hot as balls and I can't wait to lye in AC for the night.

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